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Smartland September Newsletter

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 09.13.2018

Know Before You Buy: How to Create a Turnkey Real Estate Investing Plan

You wouldn’t start any other business without a plan, and real estate investing is no different. If you’re considering purchasing real estate to rent out or sell later, here’s how to make an effective real estate investing plan.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 09.07.2018

Where (and How) to Find Turnkey Investment Properties For Sale

Real estate investment on reality TV is easy. A couple purchases a beat-up and absurdly low-priced home, fix it up quickly with very few delays, and sell it for a huge profit. Real-life real estate doesn’t often work that way, which is why savvy investors have started putting their money into turnkey properties that are rental-ready. It’s an excellent way to generate monthly revenue as you hold onto a property and wait for it to appreciate.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 08.24.2018

Top Tips for Conducting a Real Estate Investment Market Analysis

When you’re buying a home as your primary residence, even though you try to keep emotions out of the equation, they often seep in. After all, you’re purchasing the place where you and your family will spend most of your time for at least the next several years.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 08.17.2018

Are You Making These Real Estate Investment Mistakes?

Real estate investing is a smart strategy to build your wealth, but to be successful at it, you’ve got to do it right. Unfortunately, too many investors fall into the trap of real estate investment mistakes. Here are some of the common ones and how to avoid them.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 08.03.2018

How to Make Remote Real Estate Investing Work for You

We’ve hammered it home in article after article on the Smartland blog: real estate investing involves having an in-depth knowledge of the area in which you’re thinking of buying. Once you’ve settled on a property, being a landlord isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it prospect; even after you’ve found tenants, there are always issues to be managed.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 07.27.2018

The Keys to Protecting Your Real Estate Investment Income

Whether your investment properties are a full-time business for you or a way to generate passive income on the side, it’s important to maximize every dollar you make from your rentals. There are some important ways you can protect your real estate investment income. Here are some strategies to keep in mind as you purchase new properties and work to make the most of the ones you already own.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 07.20.2018

Northeast Ohio Real Estate Investing — What You Need to Know

Perhaps you live in the Cleveland area, or maybe you live elsewhere and have been considering northeast Ohio real estate investing to grow your portfolio. You may have read about the area’s thriving economy or booming real estate market. If you’re thinking of purchasing turnkey rental properties in northeastern Ohio, here are a few things to know.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 07.13.2018

How to Boost Rental Income on a Turnkey Property

If you’ve started investing in turkey properties, you’ve likely discovered that they’re an excellent business and a highly effective way to generate passive income. Like any business, it’s natural to want to grow your turnkey property business. One way to do this is by purchasing additional properties, but that’s not always financial feasible.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 06.29.2018

Enhance Your Investment With These Turnkey Rental Property Renovations

Although the idea of flipping a real estate investment is an exciting one, reality often doesn’t align with the cable television shows that claim to document these endeavors. In real life, investors that dive into an ill-maintained property frequently discover that the repairs and renovations needed are far more extensive – and expensive – than they had initially planned.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 06.22.2018

Our Favorite Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Investors

In the real estate world, connections are everything. This applies to finding the best properties to add to your portfolio, finding a buyer when it’s time to sell a property, as well as marketing the properties you currently have for rent.

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Posted by Steven Gesis on 06.15.2018

How to Know Where to Buy Turnkey Rental Properties

When you’re building an investment property portfolio, you’re constantly on the lookout for the next fantastic property that will help bring in passive income. For those who are new to real estate investing, the process of learning where to buy turnkey rental properties can be fraught with trial and error. Thankfully, by educating yourself and taking steps to reduce risk, you can avoid many of the common pitfalls of real estate investing.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.01.2018

The Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Turnkey Rentals for Real Estate Investors

While the stock market can be a great way to earn passive income, its extreme ups and downs have left some investors looking for an alternative. Many have found turnkey rentals to be an excellent way to build wealth in the long-term while generating immediate cash flow in the form of rental income. Just like any investment, however, turnkey rentals can have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss a few of the potential pitfalls, as well as the reasons why rental properties can be an excellent investment strategy.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.23.2018

How Turnkey Investors Should Deal With a Changing Real Estate Market

Twists and turns in the real estate market constantly pose a challenge to investors. The shifts can’t be viewed as all negative, however, particularly if you know how to evolve and use them to your advantage. Here’s how to build your portfolio while dealing with a changing real estate market.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.18.2018

DIY vs. Turnkey Investing

You’ve been planning to invest in some sort of real estate and have thought a lot about entering the rental market. What better way to generate passive income than to put your property to work for you by renting it out, right?

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.16.2018

Buying Turnkey Properties at Real Estate  Auctions — What You Need to Know

Real estate investing typically involves watching the market for options that would make excellent rentals, from a condo in a highly-sought-after part of the city to a single-family home that’s in an ever-expanding suburb. Savvy investors know that there’s another way to find ideal rental properties: by monitoring real estate auctions, you can find good prices on homes that need a little care, as well as turnkey properties that are ready to be rented out right away.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.25.2018

Do You Need Investment Property Insurance?

When you purchase your primary home, you buy insurance for it. Whether it’s a condo or a single-family home, you’d never consider not insuring your home against things such as floods, fires, natural disasters, and other events that could cause damage and destruction.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.20.2018

How to Conduct a Real Estate Market Analysis

When you purchase real estate, figuring out the right price is essential to getting the best deal. If you’re in the market for a turnkey property or other type of investment real estate, it’s even more important that you crunch the numbers. If a property seems like it would be a good investment, conducting a real estate market analysis will give you a better idea of what that property is really worth.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.18.2018

How to Protect Your Investment Income

As you build your real estate investment portfolio, secure a property management company to assist you, and rent your properties out, your investment will begin to pay off in the form of passive rental income. This is an excellent way to build wealth — whether you’re using it to supplement your regular income or are using real estate investments to fund your retirement.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.13.2018

Key Considerations to Make When Evaluating a Rental Market

While purchasing a rental property is an excellent way to generate passive income, the process of selecting the perfect investment property should be anything but passive. Extensive research is required to make sure you’re selecting the best property for your purposes and buying in the right area. Even if it seems as though you’re getting a deal on a property, failing to do your homework can result in headaches down the road.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.11.2018

How to Enhance Your Real Estate Investment Profit Margins

No matter what type of investments you make, the end goal is always to generate the most money from them. This is true in real estate too — whether you’re comparing properties to determine which will make the best investment or analyzing your current rental properties to determine how to increase your profits. Here are three easy tips to help you better understand and enhance your real estate profit margins.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.06.2018

What is Buy-and-Hold Real Estate?

All you have to do is turn on your TV and flip around a bit to find a reality show featuring a team of people buying and flipping real estate. The formula seems simple: the stars find an old, rundown house, buy it for a steal, and then through the power of television, a seemingly magical transformation takes place in less than half an hour and the newly-updated and unrecognizable home is sold at a profit.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 03.28.2018

Changing Rental Demographics and How They Affect Real Estate Investing

Building a profitable rental property portfolio depends on researching properties and understanding the market in specific areas. These days, however, you have to understand more than the properties: you also have to understand rental demographics and how they determine the best location and type of property to make the most of your investment.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 03.21.2018

Investing in Turnkey Real Estate: 5 Things You Need to Know

Turnkey real estate investments are a fantastic way to make passive income. One, by collecting rental payments each month after the property is leased and two, when you sell the property after it appreciates over time. However, there are a few tricks to minimizing your risk.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 03.14.2018

Real Estate Investment Cash Flow Killers … and How to Avoid Them

Real estate can be a great investment, but finding the perfect rental properties is only half the battle. Once you’ve built a rental portfolio, you have to keep the cash flowing. Here are three of the most common real estate cash killers that can make a good investment quickly go sour.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 02.28.2018

Passive Real Estate Investment Trends for 2018 (and Beyond)

While many people find real estate investing to be a less volatile choice than the stock market, it still requires quite a bit of research in order to make the best choices. The real estate market is ever-changing, and here are some of the passive real estate investment trends we’re seeing in 2018.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 02.21.2018

Using a Self-Directed IRA to Purchase Investment Properties

An IRA, or individual retirement account, is an excellent strategy for people hoping to save for retirement and reap tax benefits while doing so. They provide a way for people to accumulate wealth by investing and enjoying the rewards of those investments after they reach retirement age.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 02.09.2018

Determining Rental Rates for Investment Properties

When you’ve decided to rent out a property, figuring out the rental rate can seem like a shot in the dark. Go to high and you’ll never find a tenant; go too low and you’ll lose money on the investment. Thankfully, there are a few excellent strategies to help you with figuring out rental rates for your investment properties.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 01.31.2018

How 2017 Changes to the Federal Tax Code Will Affect Real Estate Investors

When you own investment properties — and particularly if you have a large portfolio — any change to the tax code is something to be watched closely. As Congress worked to close the deal on their end-of-year overhaul to the nation’s tax code, property investors wondered what the potential impact would be. As it turns out, the 2017 changes to the federal tax code features some nice benefits for real estate investors.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 01.24.2018

6 Tips for Winter Maintenance for Turnkey Properties

Winter brings with it snow, sleet, plummeting temperatures — and property maintenance to prevent all of these from becoming more than a slight nuisance. While these are all concerns for full-time homes, they’re also things that must be addressed if you have rental properties. Here’s everything you need to know about winter maintenance for turnkey properties in order to keep your assets safe and your tenants happy.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 01.17.2018

How to Partner With Your Turnkey Real Estate Provider for Long-Term Success

Imagine it: you put your money in an investment that generates high returns with very little work required from you. As your investment appreciates, it also generates an attractive monthly cash flow. All you’re required to do is monitor the situation from afar and check in every now and again with the firm that’s handling your investment.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 01.03.2018

Ready for More? 3 Tips for Building a Rental Property Portfolio

You purchased your first rental property and it’s been an absolute success. Your tenants have been a dream, the rent payments generate a nice amount of cash flow, the property is becoming ever more valuable by the day, and you’ve decided to start hunting for the next property to add to your portfolio. Here are a few tips to help you in your search.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 12.28.2017

Real Estate Investing in Your 20's? It Can Be Done

When people think of real estate investors, they tend to imagine someone who is older — in their 40’s or 50’s. They also typically imagine someone who is financially well-off. You may be surprised to learn that today’s real estate investors are neither of these things. Young people are learning that real estate investing is a great way to build long-term wealth.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 12.20.2017

The Keys to Successful Remote Real Estate Investing

Years ago, remote real estate investing was a complex and deeply involved process. Purchasing a property sight unseen required working with a trusted real estate agent and having lengthy phone conversations about the kind of property you desired, your budget, and your overall investment goals. After the agent compiled a list of prospects, you’d get on a plane and fly out to see them. Perhaps one would be a match and the trip would be a success … or perhaps you’d fly back home and start the search all over again.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 12.15.2017

Rental Property Damage: How to Avoid It and What to Do if It Happens

When it comes to investing in rental properties, purchasing the property is only the first step. To put your investment to work for you, you’ll need to find a tenant and rent the place out.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 12.06.2017

How to Invest in Real Estate When You're Strapped for Cash

With all the talk about real estate investing being a wonderful way to build long-term wealth, you’re interested in getting onboard. The problem is that unlike some investors, you’re not independently wealthy.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 11.29.2017

5 Key Things to Know When Vetting Property Managers

After much deliberation and careful study, you’ve finally taken the plunge and purchased your first rental property. Perhaps it came with tenants already onboard and paying monthly rent, or maybe you need to find and interview potential tenants. The property likely has a little maintenance or upkeep that needs to be done on it. No matter what the situation is, it’s tough to rent out a property without devoting much of your time to acting as a landlord. That is, unless you hire a property manager.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 11.22.2017

Buy-and-Hold vs. Buy-and-Sell — Which is Right for You?

It’s interesting that although many people invest in real estate because they’re tired of the ups and downs of the stock market, real estate investors often end up asking a question that’s frequently shouted on CNBC: “Buy-and-hold vs. buy-and-sell? Which one is the most successful investment strategy?”

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Posted by Tom Ott on 11.17.2017

Avoiding Turnkey Real Estate Investment Marketing Scams

Real estate investing is hotter than ever, and an increasing number of investors are looking into purchasing turnkey properties to make the most out of their money and diversify their portfolios. The benefits of turnkey properties are numerous like attractive pricing on properties that have already been renovated and some turnkey homes even come with a renter already in place, allowing buyers to generate instant passive income from day one. 

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Posted by Tom Ott on 11.01.2017

Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Turnkey Rental Property Location

Real estate is more than a fantastic place to stash your money for the future; it’s also a great way to generate rental income in the present. Turnkey investment properties are particularly attractive because they don’t require the time and expense of remodeling up front. As their name implies, turnkey properties are ready to rent right away. 

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Posted by Tom Ott on 10.30.2017

Should You Finance or Pay Cash When Investing in Turnkey Real Estate?

You’ve decided that turnkey real estate investing is right for you and you’re ready to take the plunge. Congratulations! Once you’ve chosen the perfect property, the only question left is this: should you finance or pay cash? Which is more advantageous to your bottom line? 

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Posted by Tom Ott on 10.25.2017

Real Estate Networking Tips for Investors

For the serious real estate investor hoping to build long-term wealth, knowing the right people matters. Whether it’s learning about exciting new opportunities, meeting potential investing partners, getting the scoop on who’s reliable in the contracting world, or connecting with people who might be interested in buying one of your properties. Real estate networking can truly take your investment game to the next level.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 10.23.2017

What's the Best Way to Build Long-Term Wealth?

With so much political and global uncertainty, the stock market has become a roller coaster, frightening many investors away from its loop-the-loops and hair-raising ups and downs. For those trying to find the best way to build long-term wealth, real estate investments provide an attractive way to avoid the volatility of the stock market, enjoy an investment that gains in value over time, and even reap the rewards of passive income in the meantime. Real estate investing puts you in control of your money.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 10.04.2017

Occupied vs. Vacant --- Which Investment Property is Right for You?

Buying real estate is a fantastic way to get a return on your investment, whether you’re hoping to make income right away through renting a property out or are planning to hold on to it for a while and sell it down the road. Among the various decisions you’ll need to make when choosing a property, you’ll need to look at the pros and cons of purchasing occupied vs. vacant properties.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 10.02.2017

How to Monitor --- and Enhance --- Your Monthly Real Estate Cash Flow

Part of running a business is keeping track of expenses. If you don’t think of your rental properties as a functional business, you’re making a huge mistake and likely failing to maximize the return on your investment. As with any business, numbers matter when it comes to rentals. This is why you need to monitor your monthly real estate cash flow.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 09.26.2017

Investing 101: Top Tips for New Real Estate Investors

In recent years, real estate has outpaced the stock market as the most popular way for younger Americans to invest their money. Driving this wave is the sense that real estate is more reliable than stocks. Today’s investors also feel the need to put their money into something concrete that can be seen and touched.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 09.20.2017

ROI Guidelines for Multifamily Rentals

Investing in rental properties isn’t like purchasing a primary residence or a vacation home. While investment buyers find the process to be quite a bit more complex, it’s also infinitely more rewarding. When a buyer is in the market for investment rental properties, the transaction is purely based on minimizing risk while maximizing financial potential. Thus, understanding the ROI guidelines for multifamily rentals is crucial.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 09.01.2017

Out-Of-State Turnkey Investing: How to Minimize Your Risks

When it comes to making money off of rental income, turnkey investing is taking the real estate world by storm. The benefit of purchasing a property that’s updated and ready to go --- sometimes with a renter already installed --- is plain. While some investors live in areas that are prime rental markets and can purchase properties in cities and neighborhoods with which they are already familiar, others need to purchase in other places in order to maximize their investment. If you’re considering out-of-state turnkey investing, here are a few common pitfalls to watch out for while looking for the right turnkey property

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Posted by Tom Ott on 08.30.2017

Avoiding Common Real Estate Investing Mistakes

For buyers considering investing in real estate, the first step can be an exciting and intimidating one. While the payoff can be huge, there are also many pitfalls and misconceptions that can turn a real estate dream into a frustrating nightmare. By educating yourself and getting the right help, you can easily avoid some of the most common real estate investing mistakes.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 08.25.2017

3 Tips for Financing Multiple Investment Properties

If you’re thinking about diving headfirst into the investment property market, you’re not alone. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2016, a whopping 30% of all home sales were purchased by people looking for vacation homes or rental properties. Most buyers opted for properties in suburban or urban areas that were an average of 20 miles from their primary residence. Needless to say, financing multiple investment properties is a hot topic these days.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 08.17.2017

5 Keys to Minimizing Risk in Real Estate Investments

The world of real estate investing can be exciting, but it can also be intimidating, especially to a first-time investor. How do you maximize your reward while minimizing risk in real estate investments?

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Posted by Tom Ott on 07.07.2017

The Qualities of a Good Landlord - Are You Offering What Tenants Are Looking For?

In order to make your rental property investments a success, you must attract fantastic tenants. To do this, you need to be a wonderful landlord.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.13.2017

Keep Your Tenants Longer With These Tips for Attracting Long-Term Residents

Responsible, long-term tenants are the holy grail of the rental property world. As landlords search for the perfect tenant, they and their properties are being judged by potential renters. Here are a few tips to help you in attracting long-term residents to your rental.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.07.2017

What Makes a Good Renter? How to Find the Right Tenants For Your Property

When you’ve decided to become a real estate investor, finding the perfect property and collecting rent on it are only two parts of the process. In between finding a place and making rental income, you’ve got to find the perfect tenants.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.01.2017

How to Deal With Problem Tenants

If you spend any amount of time owning and renting out investment properties, eventually, you’ll experience the dreaded problem tenant, and figuring out how to deal with problem tenants can be a sticky situation.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.25.2017

Moving Mistakes to Avoid

As a senior moving out of your home, it is stressful enough having to part ways with your cherished home and the memories it holds for you. Whether you are moving to downsize or be closer to family, minimize unnecessary stress by avoiding some of the most common moving mistakes.

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Posted by Jim Vogel on 05.22.2017

How to Find the Best Turnkey Real Estate Investment Properties

With the ups and downs of the stock market, rental properties are becoming increasingly popular among investors. They’re a fantastic way to generate cash flow right away even as the property appreciates in value over time. Unless you have the time and money to remodel a place right away, turnkey real estate properties are the way to go.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.18.2017

Part-Time Real Estate Investing --- It Can Be Done

So you want to be a real estate investor? It sounds like an amazing way to make income, but there’s only one small problem: your pesky full-time job that’s currently paying all the bills.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.15.2017

How to Increase the Value of a Rental Property

Home buyers are often hesitant to purchase a property that looks like a problem. Similarly, renters don’t want to move into a place that looks like a headache waiting to happen. A more attractive rental property is a more valuable one, both in terms of attracting tenants and in getting the highest cash-flow every month (and in an eventual sale). Here are some invaluable insights into the best ways to increase the value of a rental property without gutting and remodeling the entire thing.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.12.2017

Reducing Risk in Real Estate Investments

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, there are a lot of factors to consider. Do you purchase a house at market value because a real estate agent said that the market in a given area is hot and prices are rapidly climbing? Where should you buy? What sort of property will reap financial rewards faster? Reducing risk in real estate investments is key if you want to avoid your new investment becoming a money pit instead of a money maker.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.10.2017

The Most Common Misconceptions of Investing in Real Estate

So you want to become a real estate investor. But it takes so much money! What about all the risk? Does this mean we’ll be buying and flipping houses like those people on TV? From having a stereotypical image of the billionaire real estate tycoon to assuming that these sorts of investments require fast-paced flipping and high risk, let’s work to debunk some of the top misconceptions of investing in real estate.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.05.2017

Working With a Turnkey Real Estate Investment Company? Ask these Questions First

When it comes to generating passive income, turnkey real estate investment is a smart strategy. You purchase a property in an ideal area for rentals, remodel it in order to make it attractive to tenants, and then have it managed by a turnkey real estate investment company. 

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.03.2017

How To Increase the Cash-Flow and Profit Spread of Your Rental Property

If you own rental properties, your business depends on making sure all your properties are providing the maximum potential revenue that your local market will allow.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 08.12.2016

How the Right Property Management Company Will Help You Be a Legendary Landlord

Property investment is an excellent way to add income to your household or prepare for retirement.


Being a landlord, though, entails a lot more than simply buying the right property.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 08.09.2016

You're Being Vetted Too: What Great Tenants Look for in a Landlord

When you decide to invest in real estate,  whether it's part of your retirement plan or simply a strategy for bringing in additional income, you know that you want to consider potential tenants carefully.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 08.09.2016

You Need Help: What to Look For in a Property Management Company

You've looked at all of the responsibilities that need to be handled to keep your real estate investment property running smoothly and effectively while generating a steady stream of revenue, and you've decided to hire a property management company.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 08.04.2016

How to Find the Right Turnkey Real Estate Investment Company for You

Real estate investments can take up a lot of time, even when the investor is not taking on "fix and flip" tasks or landlord responsibilities.


Many investors are seeking a more passive income that requires little or no time commitment. Turnkey investment properties are about as passive as it gets, and that's why these commodities are currently a hot topic. Not only do they require little or no day-to-day time commitment, but turnkey investments also have an easier learning curve and offer greater access to out-of-state investors, thereby offering better portfolio growth potential.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 08.03.2016

Busting the Myths of Investment Property Management: Making Investing Easier

It seems that every industry has their share of myths, and property investing has plenty of them. Unfortunately, far too many take on a life of their own and ultimately get misconstrued as being taken as truth. For a first-time property investor, this can turn risky if they go by third-hand information that isn't accurate.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 07.26.2016

What to Look For in a Real Estate Investment Firm: Nurturing a Long-Term Relationship

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to create both active and passive income, but it frequently requires guidance from a real estate investment firm. Through a committed team working with a serious investor, the goal is to create the highest value while being transparent about investment realities.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 07.05.2016

Are You Ready to Be a Landlord? 5 Benefits of Utilizing a Property Management Company

When you decide that you want to use investing in property to help plan for retirement or to provide a cushion against expenses, there are plenty of things that you might not consider. Are you ready to be a landlord, complete with all the responsibilities that go along with it?

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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.17.2016

Should You Invest in Real Estate in Multiple Cities?

Real estate investing can be a lucrative and exciting endeavor, especially when you invest in markets that are rising -- or are going to rise -- in value.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.10.2016

The Best Types of Markets for Profitable Turnkey Properties

Turnkey investment properties are growing in popularity as people realize how reliable the returns are.

If research is done properly, a solid return on investment is almost guaranteed. Due to the nature of investments, however, not every property will be successful. But, you can easily reduce risk and boost your profit margins by making specific marketplace investments.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.10.2016

How Turnkey Properties Drive Passive Income: The Hands-Off Approach

Investing in property frequently involves a strong commitment in property care, which might take an inexperienced investor by surprise. At least this is the usual method when buying property individually and reaping the immediate financial benefits. However, if you're new to property investing, you're maybe looking for other options beyond the standard.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.08.2016

Single Family vs. Multi-Family Investments: How To Make The Right Choice

As you start your property investing journey, you've perhaps come across a major stumbling block on the single family vs. multi-family argument. You'll find many property investors who probably recommend you invest in either or both. Before you do, you have to look at the realities of both since going into property investing without major homework is like going into a storm blind.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 06.08.2016

Utilizing Real Estate Investments for Retirement

Regardless of the plans one has for retirement, most everyone can agree that you will need to start saving money as soon as possible.

The way in which a retirement fund is comprised will vary greatly based on individual preference and financial situations, however, it is safe to assume that people will choose the most efficient and timely method. In comparison to stocks, bonds, or many of the interest-bearing retirement accounts that are offered by employers, in terms of positioning yourself for wealth building and retirement purposes, property investing can be particularly beneficial, especially when you invest in turnkey properties.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.06.2016

What Warren Buffett Can Teach You About Real Estate Investing

Perhaps one of the world's wealthiest men and most accomplished entrepreneurs of our time, Warren Buffett, has essentially mastered the art of investing. To date, Buffett has had experience exploring nearly every type of investment, including real estate.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.06.2016

The Benefits of Turnkey Properties

Investing in turnkey properties has become a viable alternative method for property investing when you have limited capital to spend. One of the things that scares away some property investors is having to pay a price that's more than they can afford. While you should never pay full retail value, sometimes properties get priced too high in an inflated sales market and you just don't have a choice.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 05.04.2016

The Top Five FAQs About Investing in Property

There isn't any better investment choice today than investing in property. A real estate investment property is a powerful tool for long-term retirement planning and growing your portfolio over time.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.28.2016

What to Look for in Your First Investment Property

Knowing what to look for when purchasing your first investment property can be overwhelming, especially if you're relying on information from multiple sources found online. While there are great resources out there including this blog, it's often best to visit the property yourself and inspect things on your own, taking a long, hard look into the realities of the costs you'll face.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.27.2016

How Small Real Estate Investments Can Produce Big Cash Flow

If you're looking for small investments that produce cash flow, look no further than real estate investments. Simply put, real estate has more potential than any other investment to make you rich. A large majority of millionaires have made their money through real estate investments. Land is a limited resource, meaning you can make a small investment and improve upon it in order to produce a big cash flow. These long-term real estate investments can generate double-digit returns over a long number of years. The key is knowing where and when to invest.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.26.2016

How Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Can Help You Start Real Estate Investing

Robert Kiyosaki's book, "Rich Dad Poor Dad" accentuates the idea of having your money work for you, strongly emphasizing the importance of learning about money first and foremost. In a world full of hard workers, why aren't there more millionaires? When most people spend a lifetime working to make money, why then aren't more people able to live the lifestyle they desire? Growing up in a middle-class family, Kiyosaki's father (poor dad) encouraged him to do as he had done --- go to college and earn a degree that would allow him to secure a job at a company that offered great benefits.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.22.2016

Eight Quick Tips for Purchasing Your First Investment Property

Purchasing your first investment property is both exciting and potentially risky, especially if you haven't done your homework on whether it's the right move. Real estate investing can be great for obtaining future financial security, however, numerous pitfalls can occur if you don't look into the realities of maintaining the property.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.08.2016

The Keys to a Successful Real Estate Investment

Similar to investors who have had great luck in the stock market, many investors have become wealthy through investments in real estate. Although taking on a real estate investment property may seem risky and intimidating to a less experienced investor, a direct investment is a perfect example of how you can make your money work for you.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.07.2016

Why Property Investing Beats Investing in the Stock Market

While an investment in the stock market relies solely on an asset's value appreciation, an investment in real estate is known to be virtually inflation-resistant. As an attractive and stable income return, property investing provides a way for investors to diversify their portfolios by further enhancing risk-return profiles and lowering volatility.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.07.2016

How to Make Small Investments that Build Big Cash Flow

Everyone wants to live a more secure life while also planning for the future, and a great way to do that is to make small investments that build big cash flow. Whether you're a real estate owner, operator or investor, cash flow is vital to a successful investment.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.06.2016

3 Advantages of Diversifying Your Investment Strategy with Real Estate Investments

When you're making a plan for the future, most people understand the wisdom of investing their money. You can't just let your money sit in a bank account. You have to make sure that it grows over time. And this is best achieved by having a diverse portfolio of investments.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 04.05.2016

Do People Really Come to Northeast Ohio for Investment Properties?

Featuring a vibrant and diverse culture, real estate investments in Northeast Ohio (Cleveland, Canton, Akron, Youngstown, Warren and the surrounding areas) are growing in popularity. And thanks to ongoing redevelopment in the area and a diverse economy valued at $170 billion, it's one of the best regions in the country for real estate investment properties. Here are five reasons why people are flocking to Northeast Ohio and why investors are buying up real estate investment properties.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 03.31.2016

An Ideal Economic Destination: Turnkey Properties in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio is a great place to live, work and play. Nestled along the edge of Lake Erie, the market -- and its many business offerings and turnkey properties -- boasts one of the largest metropolitan areas that the nation has to offer. Recently, Northeast Ohio has been named the 12th largest economic region in the United States, sustaining a $170 billion economy that will continue to grow and diversify due in large part to a highly educated and motivated workforce.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 03.30.2016

Six Markets To Consider When Property Investing

Property investing can be a lucrative and exciting endeavor, especially when you invest in markets that are rising -- or are going to rise -- in value. The key is identifying those growing markets. The following are six up-and-coming markets that you should consider when property investing. Market values shift, of course, but these areas are certainly on the rise and should only continue in that direction.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 03.29.2016

Faith or No Faith, that is the Question...Turnkey Investment Buying Success

This is not about religion, this is pure and raw Real Estate Investing speak, I do consider myself somewhat of a Pro, not just because of my self-proclaimed designation, but because I have been reading, mentoring, suggesting, participating and just following forums, posts, the marketplace,  blogs, the entire plethora of resources offered on this subject space.

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Posted by Tom Ott on 02.18.2016

Retirement Bliss: Cash Flow with True Turnkey Real Estate

Consistent, self-sustaining income is a lifelong retirement goal for everyone. When that income is attained without much time or effort from the retiree, that isn’t just an achievement; it is what we call retirement bliss.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 02.09.2016

Cleveland - The Next Frontier for Institutional Investors

Nestled next to the largest body of freshwater in the world, Cleveland is about new business growth and an uptick in employment. New construction is on the rise. That catapults this area into the realm of the Next Frontier for institutional investors considering residential housing investments in the US.


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Posted by Tom Ott on 02.09.2016

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